About the Studio

The Mobey art studio is cluttered and also minimalist. I prefer to create in a lean environment with lots of creative project at once, all in designated spaces. I also rely on beauty to keep my sanity so the balance between efficient and beauty keeps me grounded and moving ever forward. The next project is the best on, after all.

In this tightly productive space I create everything. And, when you visit you may see any one of the work spaces being dedicated to a series of portraits, a new sculpture, a mould being made for a fellow artists or local creative business, a stack of watercolours and etchings being mounted and framed, power tools, and dangerous-looking chemicals and sharp objects. all of which serve their purpose and then vanish back into the dense Tetris game that is my storage system

For many years I denied that inspiration was a factor, believing that Cezanne's workman ethos would serve me better, but the current crisis has taught me humanity and that I have always sat on more than my fair share of ideas. i only noticed when I burnt out during one of the lockdowns and couldn't find a single idea. Inspiration is now a treasured visitor with a place of honour in my mind and art studio

I always crave more space for more projects and that may be the next phase of my artistic journey but for now my energy is obsessively wrapped up in the flow of this work, and the next project, which is the best one after all