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This has been a brutal time for artists and creatives. Cultural activities around the world have been shut down to protect our most vulnerable family members. South Africa's very stringent lockdown dealt a devastating blow to my studio and many other artists. Shipping, buying supplies and even selling locally became illegal over the busiest season and much of my studio's income vanished overnight, with many wonderful collectors postponing commissions and purchases as a part of ensuring their own financial stability. Worse yet, corruption and government opacity meas that relief funds have been stolen and many artists and small businesses face foreclosure or worse.

Things are slowly becoming easier and, in order to recover from the slow release and after effects of the lockdown, I have created a unique and exciting addition for collectors and artists to keep vital support my studio and share beauty with you through this and any future crisis: Provenance Key Prints

What are Provenance Key Prints?

This is a strategy for protecting prints made remotely. It isn't proprietary software and it cannot be interfered with as a whole by outside parties It's also Open source so all artists everywhere can access and use the strategy. It's also eco-friendly, generating almost zero paper waste and carbon emissions.

Each individual print contains a completely unique digital key embedded in the image. This key recorded in the studio as a part of the Catalogue Raisonne. The image can then be securely printed only once, assuring your artwork is both unique and perfectly documented. The best part is that the print can be made by any qualified Giclee printmaker anywhere in the world and brought directly to collectors without any concerns over international shipping, delays, damage or future lockdowns.

Every digital Key is unique and is recorded securely in both our digital database and in a physical print out within the studio. This means that you, or future owners of each piece, can easily contact the studio to look up the key as proof that you have an original Artwork.

What happens if someone copies a print without permission?

Because all the details of the printmaker and buyer are kept on record in the catalogue raisonné, every single authorised print is traceable. If anyone happens to have duplicated the original key along with the image, that print can be easily traced back to the original printmaker and buyer, if no identifying marks can be found on an image, it is clearly not authorised and is automatically fraudulent. All authorised limited edition prints by the artist are signed by hand in pencil and thumbprinted on the back of the image. All of these unique marks are then photographed and added to the catalogue raisonné. To check if a limited edition print is authorised, simply send images of these unique marks to the studio, along with your date of purchase and the merchant who sold you the print. The artist can readily confirm all recorded pieces.

How to order Provenance Key Prints

The new web store is finally open so you can easily choose from the selected prints there. If any other artwork on the Limited Editions page captures your heart, simply contact us and we will send you a quote with a paypal or SWIFT request and then send your order to our selected giclee printmaker nearest to you, along with your delivery details.

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