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Provenance Key Prints 

The new normal


What are Provenance Key Prints?

Provenance key prints let you collect international art with complete freedom and security. Read how

For the Mobey Studio, 2019 culminated in astonishing delight and success with the completion of an international tour, private shows and public recognition. 

2020 was set to be the year I finally made all the things. Instead, this has been a brutal time for artists and creatives. Everything is cautiously opening up again as the art world has largely moved online. 

Provenance Keys are the fastest, most reliable way to purchase art internationally, empowering artists and collectors to keep the art alive!


Embrace the new normal. Contact us and tell us which images you want and what sizes.

Buy registered prints today and bring the art back to life.








Signed Open Edition Prints

I have always adored illustrations in art books. There is something precious and almost iconographic about a tiny, special image that so easily connects me to something greater.


I created this open edition of small, hand signed, archival images so you can indulge in just one more precious image, or create a striking effect with the perfect set.


All copyright belongs to Kim Mobey. Unauthorised reproduction is prohibited.

South African Contemporary Art | Portraiture | Sculpture|

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