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ARTIST STATEMENT My work is objectively hyper-realistic and classical. I have been fortunate to gain critical acclaim and be commissioned by collectors around the world. I have traditionally maintained a token online presence while enjoying support and collaboration with established galleries in South Africa and Europe. While many of my beloved galleries have had to close, Covid has opened up the digital sphere and allowed artists to genuinely enter the market in new ways. My recent work has focused on human history, stories, identity and my origins in Africa. I assimilate photographs, fabrics, art and videos from all over the world and try to create new worlds and identities through painting, sculpture and conversation. I hybridise images within my own subjective world view and unbalancing perceptions of age, race, gender and modernity. I push to transcend the tired stigma of the romanticised, colonial African continent. We live in a modern world where race, religion, ethnicity and ev

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