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ARTIST STATEMENT My art challenges the hyper-realistic and classical using idealised forms and extreme magnification with intense, pure pigment applied in hundreds of layers over a period of weeks or even years. My recent work has focused on human history, stories, identity and my origins in Africa. I assimilate photographs, fabrics, art and videos from all over the world and try to create new worlds and identities through painting, sculpture and conversation. I hybridise images within my own subjective world view and unbalancing perceptions of age, race, gender and modernity. I push to transcend the tired stigma of the romanticised, colonial African continent. We live in a modern world where race, religion, ethnicity and even identity itself is fluid. ___________________________ I make art about humanity, origins and the passage of time - I am compelled by the similarities between "us" and "other". I choose subjects and stories that are unlikely to match with expe

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